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DH Armory

Welcome to DH Armory – Stuff for guys and girls, firearms repair, maintenance, and sales.

1911 Specialist. 

We specialize in all forms of 1911s, vintage and modern, repairs, tuning, trigger jobs, refinishing, recovery/rescue, and more.

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Colt Stocking Dealer

  Leupold Authorized Dealer

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Cowboy Action Firearms

We carry and customize all makes of Cowboy firearms – Cimarron, Taylor’s and Co, Pietta, Uberti, EMF, and more. 

New from DH Armory –

Custom Winchester Trench gun WITH Bayonet Adapter and USGI Bayonet!

Visit AT THE FRONT for high quality WWII reproduction weapon accessories (slings, holsters, pouches, cases, uniforms, etc.)

gunsmithing and firearms repair

Specializing in WWII Service weapons – M1 Garand, 1903 Springfield, 1911.

firearm Repairs

Something just not working right on your M1Garand, 1911 or 1903? We specialize in fixing those.


Trigger Jobs, Action Tuning,  CMP Service Rifle Compliant accurizing


Polished 1911

Touch up that wood stock, make it beautiful again.

Also available – polishing services, recoating, etc.


Custom Services

1903a3 to 1903A4 conversion.

1903a3 .45 Win Mag conversion.


Other interesting ideas? Ask us.

Recovery of Bad Days

Drop your 1911 in the ocean?

Leave your rifle propped against a tree? 


It may never be “new” again, but we can bring it back to life. 


Special camo? We can do that!

Featured Projects

Some of the stuff we’ve done or are working on.

Rifle looked rough before disassembly. After disassembly, it was even worse.

Removed all the rust and was surprised at how little pitting there was.

Stay tuned for more updates.

We are now manufacturing our own AR15 receivers. Custom Anodizing available.

.45 Win Mag AR15 and 1903a3 Springfield Coming Soon.

Custom Cerakote on scope, rings, and bipod to match Browning Hells Canyon Burnt Bronze finish.

    Custom Halloween 1911 Hydro-dip/grips




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Firearms transfers?

If you have a firearm shipped to us for a transfer without prior approval, the transfer/handling fee is $200.

What about repairs? How do I get my firearm looked at?

We have a $50 evaluation fee for any firearms repair. We will then give you a cost and turnaround estimate. If you decide to utilize our services, the $50 fee is credited towards the repair. Please use the form to contact us for RMA instructions before shipping your firearm.

Do you sell new firearms?

Yes! Some of our inventory is posted online. We also do special orders. If you are interested in something that isn’t listed, please contact us.

If I buy a firearm from you, how does that process work?

Once you purchase a firearm from us, we will contact you to determine your chosen FFL dealer. We will then reach out to them and arrange for delivery of your firearm to your dealer which will handle the transfer and background check.

You've repaired my firearm. How do I get it back?

We will arrange delivery back to you in accordance with BATFE regulations. 

Can you live fire sight in my rifle?

One of our services for certain firearms is to live fire sight in the firearm. Contact us to see what options are available for your firearm.


“The Cobb County Civil Air Patrol / United States Air Force Auxiliary Composite Squadron would like to express our thanks at the high quality and standards of work performed on the restoration of four drill rifles he completed for our squadron. The rifles turned out amazing and we have gotten many compliments in both competitions and parades on their appearance and accurate specifications.”

2d Lt Steve Lewin, CAP

“Masterpiece! Man, that thing looks great! Right down to the perfect fit in the case!.”

Brian Evans

“David knows more about how to work on the M1Garand and 1903 Springfield than anyone I’ve ever met.”

Rudy Koester,

Macon Armory

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Free Consultation

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We look forward to providing you with quality firearm services

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